What Our Customers Say about the CastCooler

Stewart - London, UK

Absolutely brilliant, using the CastCooler on my 18 month old daughter who's in a spica cast after hip surgery and she loves it. She used to cry if we turned the Hoover on, now she cries when we turn it off!! Would recommend this. Stuart. (UK)

Melinda Gama - New Zealand

Thank you SO much for your prompt service with the CastCooler. My daughter found it on the kitchen table on her return from hospital with her little girl. It has been a wonderful product and my grand daughter has been much happier. She lays back and enjoys the coolness of the air circulating and the nice dry cast afterwards. Again, MANY thanks for your prompt delivery. Regards, Melinda Gama (New Zealand)

Dustin G. - Knoxville, TN

The CastCooler was great. I sustained a serious break of my first and second metatarsal and was confined to a leg cast for weeks...during the summer. Everyone told me, "Just wait for the itching to start...and when that thing comes off it will smell to Heaven." So I did a quick search, found a CastCooler and had it shipped to me. Sitting on the floor, I turned on the vacuum and literally exhaled a long "AHHHhhh" before lying down completely on the floor smiling. I used it every other day for the entire 6 weeks and had no itching at all. And when I went to the doctor to have the cast removed, the nurse said, "This may smell bad." When she cut it off, I had lost no hair on my leg, the skin was completely healthy and there was no odor...nothing. She was clearly confused and said, "How long was that cast on your leg?" "Six weeks." "Did you come and get a fresh cast during that time?" "No. Why?" "I don't understand why your leg looks...normal." "Ever hear of a CastCooler?" She hadn't; so I told her the whole story. I've loaned that CastCooler out to three other people (in fact, one of the three is going to bring it back tonight), and I have sent quite a few others to the site to get one for themselves. Thank you for making such an incredible product available. Dustin, G. - Knoxville, TN

Robert - Yukon, OK

I was somewhat skeptical that the CastCooler would be effective, but after the first use I realized it was the best thing I'd ever found! I was miserable with my cast and itched like crazy in places nothing would reach!! After the first use noticed a difference and then used it about every other day for a week or so. My last few weeks were bliss and my only regret is that I didn't find it sooner!! I brought it along with me when I had my cast removed and told everyone who would listen that it was possibly the greatest invention ever and they should stock up on them!! Thanks! Robert - Yukon, OK

Danna L. - Peadatric Nurse, Dallas, TX

My son is 12yrs old, this is his first cast. It is a long leg cast. About 1 week in to the 6 weeks of casting, he started to have itching. The CastCooler arrived on the first day he began to really itch. We put it on hoping it would help. He loved it!! big smile..Like a puppy who was having it favorite spot scratched. We are now two weeks in to the cast and I know the CastCooler has made it much better for my son. At this point he may not like the cast but he is not miserable with itching, nor medicated and sleepy from benadryl. By far the best 40 dollars I have EVER spent. I am a pediatric nurse in Dallas. I have already told so many people about this product. It has been wonderful for us. Thank you for your product. I wish it had been available at a local supplier, although it did not take to long to arrive. Danna L. - Dallas, TX

"The skin has healed micaculously" - Maribel R. - Miami, FL

My daughter's skin was macerated within 48 hour of her 1st casting due to moisture from rain at school and sweat. Now, we use the CastCooler several times a day on her cast!!! The skin has healed miraculously. The CastCooler is vital to prevent infections due to skin breakdown from casts. Thank you so much for inventing this product! Maribel R. - Miami, FL

Extreem V. - "100+ miles running with the CastCooler", Charlotte, NC

I bought a CastCooler and it works awesome! I did a 20 miler Sunday and then used the CastCooler to suck the sweat out and in like 10 minutes, the inside was completely dry. Actually it doesn't really smell bad at all (at least when I get it dry). So far I have run 100+ miles in the cast with never any problems running. The CastCooler gadget I got for $30 was the best $30 I ever spent! It gets the sweat right out of the cast (and cools the arm down) and the smell is actually quite bearable!

"Cleanest, and nicest smelling cast inside that I have ever seen." Karen H. Thousand Oaks, CA

My 10 yr old child had a broken ankle this summer, and had to wear a knee-length cast during the hottest August and September months in sunny Southern California. During this time, I used the cast cooler with my portable vacuum every single night for 5 minutes at bedtime to hopefully prevent itching and odor from occuring. When the cast was finally removed, instead of having to gag and hold my breath due to what should have been a very stinky foot and leg, there was barely a detectable odor, and the cast lining was still pristine white, and fluffy. Her orthopedist was surprised, and told me that whatever we did, "this cast is the cleanest, and nicest smelling cast inside that I have ever seen". Thanks for the life-saver! Karen H. - Thousand Oaks, CA

Carmie L. - RN , UPMC Shadyside, Brackenridge, PA

... I told Dr. Fisher I was anticipating receipt of my CastCooler last week when I was first casted.... and today in fact, at my follow-up appointment, Dr. Fisher asked me if I got the CastCooler and if it worked..... I told him "It's great..I love it....and it's keeping me sane!" Carmie L. - Brackenridge, PA

Lisa H. - San Diego, CA

My husband, Dave, ordered this for me after I fractured my radius. I am a active person who goes to the gym almost daily. I use the CastCooler after my workouts & the results have been amazing. Despite my sweaty workouts, I rarely experience itch & after 2 weeks, my cast doesn't even smell. I have shared your product on my Facebook account. When I get my cast removed, I plan on bringing it to show my physician. Best, Lisa H. - San Diego, CA

James H. - Columbia, MD

We received the CastCooler in yesterday's mail - thanks for the amazingly quick response on getting that to us. Of course, we tried it out immediately, and it works as promised. Our little girl's itchy, sweaty cast became instantly more comfortable, producing smiles instead of complaints. Thanks again for your fast response on our order. James H. - Columbia, MD

Cheryl B. - San Antonio, TX

I had the opportunity to discuss the CastCooler with my Ortho Doctor. He was impressed with my glowing review. I told him anyone going home with a cast should be advised to use the CastCooler to insure they were providing "the standard of care" which they, as Doctors, are committed to delevier. Cheryl B. - San Antonio, TX

Ron T. - Havre de Grace, MD

First let me say that the CastCooler arrived exactly on time! Then I want you to know that it works just as adverised! It has been truly a life saver for our granddaughter Kyleigh. I am so thankful we found you on the internet and the person whom I spoke to on the phone will never know how helpful he was. Thanks again. Ron T.

Lori B. - Keyser, WV

From the first time we tried it, we were convinced. My 7 year old special needs son is non-verbal. The look on his face when he felt the air through his cast was worth more than words. Apparently it was quite soothing, as he fell asleep while it was on and had the most restful nap he had had since the placement of his spica cast. Since we began using the CastCooler, we have also noticed a significant decrease in the smell of his cast. Being able to circulate fresh air through his cast is indeed a wonderful thing. We cannot thank you enough for creating this product. Lori B.

Kristie M. - Placentia, CA

I got my CastCooler today. I want to thank you ever so much for your remarkable product! I have to tell you that this is the first time I've felt and smelled fully clean in weeks! I had an extensive foot reconstruction surgery in November and have been in a series of foot casts ever since. My final cast has been on for three weeks with one more to go. The stench coming from that cast has caused me to feel uncomfortable and even feel nauseous at times. I'm a psychotherapist in private practice and I was even thinking of taking this week off of work because I was afraid of offending my patients with the horrid smell. The CastCooler dried and cooled the inside of my cast and removed the odor. I needed about a half-an-hour to get everything fully dry. And boy oh boy did the room stink where I was using the vacuum! I just sat there smiling, knowing that horrible smell was being sucked away from my foot. Even though I only have one more week to go wearing my cast, the money I spent, including the extra for next-day shipping, was well worth it. I'm happily getting ready to see my patients today feeling clean and odor-free. Thanks once again for this amazing invention. I only wish I'd known about it in November when I had my surgery. I'll be telling my foot-and-ankle surgeon and his nurses just how wonderful the CastCooler is! Sincerely, Kristie M.

Kelly T. - Kingsport, TN

The CastCooler was a life saver for my little girl who broke her arm a week before we left for Disney World. I had purchased a waterproof sock for my daughter to use while swimming and by the fourth day the waterproof sock had busted making my daughter's cast wet, soggy, and some of her Princess signatures to smear, she was upset. I then hooked her up to the CastCooler and in a short time her cast was dry and she was able to get more Disney character signatures on her cast. Thank you and your team so much for inventing the CastCooler it was a big help not only for my daughter, but me as well. Sincerely, Kelly T.