Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CastCooler help me with cast itch odor?

The CastCooler relieves cast/splint itch and odor by quickly drying moisture trapped in the lining of your cast/splint. Both cast itch and cast odor result from moisture (perspiration, accidental wetting, etc.) that is trapped in the lining of your cast causing bacteria to grow. The CastCooler immediately cools and freshens your limb, by completely drying your cast's lining. You will know that the CastCooler is working because there is an immediate cooling sensation as moisture is removed (evaporated) from the lining of your cast.

How does CastCooler® dry my wet saturated cast?

First, use a towel to absorb as much liquid from your cast. Connect the CastCooler® nozzle to your wet-dry vac in normal suction mode and turn on your wet-dry vac. (Note: liquid will damage your household vac so be sure to use a wet/dry type vac.) Wrap the CastCooler® wrap around your cast and the vacuum will cause the CastCooler® to seal against the outside or your cast and begin to pull liquid from the lining through the porous cast and into the wet/dry vac. Immediately, you will feel a cooling air flow. When the cooling sensation subsides, your cast is dry. Note: A saturated, fully wet cast may take some time but the CastCooler® will dry the lining without damaging the cast or lining. The following are guidelines for time needed to dry a completely wet, saturated cast: Short arm 30 minutes, long arm 1+ hours, short leg 2+ hours, full leg 3+ hours.

How does CastCooler® work?

CastCooler creates a gentle vacuum on the outside of your porous cast, drawing fresh air between your skin and the cast. Air flow is directed through the lining of your breathable (fiberglass) orthopedic cast removing moisture and cooling your skin. Without touching your skin, bacteria, itch and odor are significantly reduced. Your cast stays fresh.

How often do I use the CastCooler®?

Use the CastCooler as often as you like, it cannot be overused. Whenever your cast is moist, hot, or stinky...use it.

How long do I use the CastCooler®?

Wrap the CastCooler around the outside of your cast for about 2-3 minutes for each area you want to dry or cool.

Can I dry & cool my knee, elbow and heel?

Yes! In fact the CastCooler was designed to concentrate drying/cooling effectiveness on those trouble spots. The patented nozzle conforms to both sides of each of these areas.

How much does the CastCooler cost?

The CastCooler sells for $39.99 plus shipping and handling. Since the global Covid pandemic, we are shipping only vis UPS Priority Mail ($15). Faster options may be available via

Will my Health Care Flexible Spending Account reimburse me for the CastCooler®?

Yes! Our customers submit their receipts for FSA reimbursement. If you have a credit card that bills your FSA directly, simply enter that card at check out.

How long has the CastCooler® been on the market?

The CastCooler was launched in July 2007 shortly after our first patent was issued (we now have two patents). We have been shipping the CastCooler around the world every day since then.

Do I need a special vacuum?

The CastCooler may be used with a common household vacuum hose attachment. You may also use any common vac (ship vac, built in vac, etc.).

Can I use the CastCooler® with my child's spica cast?

Yes! In fact, with the CastCooler, many parents have found relief from moisture, wetness, odor and itch...all unique challenges with a spica cast. Visit our spica cast page by clicking HERE Here to see what parents and grandparents are saying.

Can you ship the CastCooler®Internationally?

Yes! We ship globally every day. Please make sure your shipping address is correct in your payment method.

Does the CastCooler® work with my waterproof cast liner?

If you have a washable cast lining (Procel®, Scotchcast™ Wet or Dry, Delta-Dry®, Waterpruf™, etc.) the CastCooler will speed dry your cast after bathing in a fraction of the time of air drying. IF your cast is wet you MUST use a vacuum that can accommodate liquids (wet/dry vac).

Will the CastCooler® fit my child's cast?

Yes. The "one size fits all" design of the CastCooler® will fit a wide range of casts on wrists, arms, legs, even a hip spica cast. If you have a question that is not answered here, call or text us toll free 888-422-7882 ( +1-719-338-5378) and we'll be happy to help you.