Dry Wet Hip Spica Casts

As a parent or grandparent, we understand that watching your child suffer in a Spica Cast for 6-8 weeks is extremely difficult and frustrating. A lining that is continually moist from perspiration or urination causes bacterial growth resulting in itch, skin rash, smelly odor and extreme discomfort. CastCooler provides immediate relief by drying the lining under the cast, regardless of how it got wet.

How The CastCooler Provides Immediate Relief

The CastCooler draws fresh air through the porous cast and the lining. This will dry the lining and keeps the patient's skin dry. The CastCooler brings immediate relief to the patient, allowing them to be more comfortable and to sleep better. When your child sleeps, you rest assured that you have provided relief from their rash & discomfort.

The Spica Cast Patient

Spica Cast patients generally will experience itching, skin rash swelling and general discomfort. These symptoms results from the continually moist cast lining which is wet from perspiration, bathing or perhaps urination. These reasons make it difficult to keep a spica cast lining dry as you were instructed by your Doctor. The continually moist lining causes bacteria to grow resulting in itching and discomfort. Skin rash often results. The CastCooler brings immediate relief by drawing fresh air though the cast lining, keeping the lining dry and fresh. It is used for 10 minutes at a time and can be used as often as needed.

What Causes Spica Cast Itching, Skin Rash & Discomfort?

Spica cast itch is caused by a continually moist lining and the bacterium that is growing in the lining of your spica cast. This can be especially true if accidental wetting or feces has soiled the spica cast. Dr. Rachel Defazio, Childrens Hospital Boston confirmed a "...high rate and cost of skin problems in children with hip spica casts...". Further, the study documented cost of "$8,600 up to $53,800 for a cast removal and recasting" when a soiled cast needs to be replaced,

What Can be done to Relieve Spica Cast Itch and Rash?

The most effective thing you can do is to keep your child's spica cast lining dry and clean...not an easy challenge. However, the CastCooler will bring relief for odor, itch and skin rash by keeping the spica cast lining dry. This is accomplished through regular use as needed to remove moisture that accumulates in the spica cast lining. The CastCooler use will help keep your cast clean, reduce odor, relieve itch and rash as bacteria growth is significantly reduced when moisture is not present.

What Should I do if Spica Cast Odor Persists?

You should not attempt to reduce spica cast odor by applying treatments to the cast, the lining or the skin. If spica cast odor is acute, see your doctor. You may have an infection or a skin condition known as maceration. Skin maceration occurs when the skin is continually wet or moist. One sign of skin infection or skin maceration can be acute spica cast odor. Both of these conditions can be serious and if you experience acute spica cast odor, you should contact your doctor immediately.

CastCooler Supports Longstanding General Cast Care Instructions:

"Keep cast clean and dry"

"Do not scratch skin under cast by inserting objects inside the cast"

"Never blow warm or hot air into cast"

"Do not put powders or lotions into cast to relieve itching"

Top Ten Hip Spica Cast Care Tips (downloadable .pdf)

Spica Cast Care tips.pdf

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